SDRSharp – RTL_TCP Bug solved :)

If you have this problem, i’ve found a solution…
Problem is starting at 01:00 here:


Problem is starting at 01:35 here:

The bug is related to the RTLTCP driver that’s included now with SDRSharp by default.
After spending more than one year trying to fix this problem, i’ve tryed a very old version of SDRSharp…and it was working.
I’ve tryed copying the old RTLTCP driver over the new one….
Magically it seems to work perfectly.
You’ll miss the RTL ACG and the sample rate dropdown menu.
You can (of course) manually type the sample rate.

That’s all, it’s working fine till 48hrs at the moment…
The DLL WAS INSIDE a very old version of SDRSharp!
You can download the driver here (just overwrite the original one in SDRSharp folder):

Link n.1

Link n.2


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