JT65-HF-HQ9HQX Log to eQSL.cc ADIF (ideal for SWL’s)

Hi there!
Today I show you my last sw for SWL’s.

You start logging using JT65-HF-HQ9HQX then my sw convert the log to and ADIF file suitable for eQSL.cc , trying to guess the country too (more than 90{e1a238fab989de23b14d19e4fdeb4165b4321246c727baf36f38cd35100b16ba} success on country guess)



First of all you must edit the provided “config.ini” file and change the standard message (if you want, it’s not mandatory). You can also change the standard message on the fly in the app but you’ll loose the changes on the next run.

– The button “Clear local DB” should be used only if you’ve inserted manually some log into eQSL.cc

– Once the app has been configured, you must go to eQSL.cc and export your OUTBOX into an ADIF file (FOR EXAMPLE IZ5035SWL.ADIF). This step can be done only once just if you’ve not manually logged any other entry into eQSL.cc from the last time you’ve used this app.
Import your OUTBOX using the button “Import ADIF outbox contacts into DB to avoid duplicates). It’ll take some time if you’ve a large outbox.

– I suggest NOT to “check” the 2 checkbox on the right pane..they’re quite self explanatory…

– You can now import your JT65-HF-HB9HQX by clicking on the button “Import CSV log and generate…”

– You will be prompted to save the new adif file to upload, just save it with a simple name on your desktop (for example “upload.adif”)

– You can see on the third column if a new country has been “worked”.

– Now go to eQSL.cc and upload the just generated adif file from your OUTBOX section.

– It’s easy, don’t worry…

I’ve logged more than 2800 contacts in JT65 at the moment…

If you’re interested, the licence costs only 10€, let me know.


Download link 1

Download link 2

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