FDM-SW2 Orbitron DDE Driver – One new utility by me!


Today I wanna show you my new utility…

A DDE driver for Orbitron to drive the FDM-SW2 software by ELAD.



What you need? ….quite easy…

– FDM-SW2 software
– Orbitron
– My utility

First of all make sure you’ve enabled the TCP remote control in FDM-SW2:


Now, unpack my utility, for example in C:\Orbitron-FDM-SW2
You’ll find 2 files, the app and the config.ini, edit the config.ini and change the host ip to match your local ethernet IP (my PC’s IP is
Now edit the Setup.cfg of Orbitron (it’s located in the Config subfolder of the install dir of Orbitron).
Add the following line to the [Drivers] section:
The file should look like this image:


Run FDM-SW2 and Orbitron…
In Orbitron select the satellite you wanna track and go to the “Rotor/Radio” section.


In the Driver combobox choose “EladDDEOrbitron” and click on the button on the right….
TADAAAAAAA !!!!!! My utility will run and will keep the FDM-SW2 frequency updated with Orbitron.
You can see my utility in action….

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